About Me

Modern Moxy, LLC

I LOVE marketing and design, but what I love more is helping small business owners leverage the digital landscape to promote their business and achieve more sales!

• Create and execute marketing strategies that include social media development, direct email marketing, social media ads, leveraging Instagram Influencers, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Blog content development
• Create Wordpress websites and educate my clients on how they can maintain the site themselves
• Use WooCommerce to create eCommerce websites
• HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding, image editing, and search engine optimization (SEO)
• Analyze email Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve performance
• A/B Testing
• Research keywords develop an SEO strategy to drive sales.
• Help clients understand their site and provide training for clients to update their own content.
• Write blog content
• Help clients plan email marketing campaigns
• Create animated digital web banner ads
• Social media marketing strategies
• Content Marketing strategies
• Contact Instagram Influencers to negotiate campaigns that feature key products

Marketing Manager

I was the Marketing Manager for The Albert Vein Institute, which is Colorado’s most advanced and comprehensive facility for vein care, from severe medical problems to minor cosmetic concerns.

• Managed annual marketing and advertising budget
• Developed a strategic marketing and communications plan including policies and procedures that adhere to HIPAA laws for the medical and medispa websites, social media, email marketing and print materials
• Managed relationships with external healthcare providers
• Conducted lunch and learn presentations to external healthcare providers and developed collateral materials for presentations
• Coordinate with vendors to provide on-time execution of radio, television and internet ads
• Evaluated post campaign performance and adjusted future campaigns based on reported results
• Evaluated new media technologies such as blogs, videos and social media
• Planned and executed email marketing campaigns for the medispa 

Web Designer / Art Director

I was a Web Designer / Art Director for Bon-Ton in Milwaukee. Bon-Ton operated a chain of department stores that operated under several different names. I got the pleasure of working for them on the ground-level of their eCommerce website.

• Design, create and execute email marketing campaigns targeting customer segments to drive traffic and meet sales goals
• Develop creative content for 7 eCommerce websites as well as bridal/gift registry websites
Direct eCommerce on-figure and off-figure photo shoots in accordance with our style guide and brand identity
• Create reports detailing creative requests, execution and effectiveness
• Use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Scene7, Flash, JavaScript, CSS, XML and HTML to create web designs.

Customer Service

My roots are in Customer Service. I think any strong business and ANY worthwhile marketing strategy needs to start with customer service


One of my biggest, but most rewarding challenges was working as a corporate trainer. I use these skills now in two areas: educating my clients in areas like social media or database management that will help them to continue to succeed and implementing training strategies to educate my client's target customer.